Home from Home Series: The borders that outline our everyday space are fuzzier than ever. People today are experiencing a complete disruption of normalcy; the line between work and leisure is completely blurred. Our familiar peace is disrupted by elements of chaos – things are no longer what they seem. What if home sweet home isn't so sweet. What if  the life behind those walls hold dangerous, scary things or doesn't exist at all.  Many people hope that their home lives will be a relaxing refuge from work and the world, but for lots of people isolation, loneliness, emotional detachment, and anxiety dominate this landscape. These works explore the emotional life of the home in all of its permutations.  

It is not in the healing that we are made whole, etching on handmade paper and chine collé, 2020 

The Tree Poisoner, paper, ink jet print on wood, 2019 


Born in the Bottle House, gold leaf and paint on wood, 2016 

Hiding Under a Seed Quilt, paint on wood, 2017 


Shingle Matrices (Who's house is this?), paint on wood, 2018 


Roots - I've had many homes, embroidery on canvas interior paint on wood enclosure, 2017 

Memories of home text_edited.jpg

Memories of Home, paint on wood, 2009 

Grass through the Snow, hand pulled shaped hemp sheets with inclusions, 2006 

Grass through the snow open_edited.jpg
Grass through the snow 2_edited.jpg

Secret Kept Beneath the Sink, hand pulled shaped abaca sheets with inclusions, copper pipe and findings 2004