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Offering to the Sea, Arches cold press watercolor paper, cotton rope, dyed thread, walnut driftwood, 2020

The act of casting offerings into the sea in an ancient practice.  Cultures from all over the world consider the ocean sacred, cleansing but also violent and destructive. These offerings can be anything from flowers, lanterns, stones.  Two of these offerings made in the rough shape of a fish were dedicated to the sea on the feast of Neptune, July 23rd.  


Offering to the Mountain, Hand dyed cotton paper, dyed thread,  2020

Mountains are enormous and awe inspiring and yet people conquer that fear and traverse great heights to find the summit. Often this journey is the reenactment of a great myth or tale, sometimes it it to bestow a gift.  Sacrificing or offering  requires an attitude of separation, humility and deference. Letting go of something you want puts your possessions in a proper perspective: You are not the ultimate provider for yourself; you are dependent. In making these works, plants and natural substances were collected on a mountain journey - a symbolic gathering of a mountains strength and immovability.   

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